Thomas Sturdy Law

(1916 - 1997)

T.S. Law was a Scottish poet, who wrote extensively in both Scots and English from the Second World War onwards.

This website sets out to present his work in selection, and to make available some of his source material and background, as well as giving information for scholarly studies.

The work of T.S. Law and this website is all in copyright, and no part should be reproduced without permission. Contact details to obtain such permission are as follows:

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At the Pynt o the Pick and Other Poems, a major selection of T. S. Law poetry, was published in 2008.

T. S. Law Centenary

To mark 100 years since the birth of T. S. Law, the collection Away, Yeegie Landscapes has been released here. This collection was composed between August 1988 and March 1990, but until now has never been published in full. It discusses T. S. Law's childhood and some of the influences that shaped his development as a poet.

During the month of October 2016, the National Library of Scotland exhibited both published and unpublished manuscripts by T. S. Law in two of the display cases in their main hall.