Collections of TSL’s poetry

Whit Tyme in the Day. Glasgow: Caledonian Press, 1948.
Abbey Craig tae Stirling Castle. Larkhall: Fingerpost Publicatiouns, 1974.
Aftentymes a Tinkler. Larhall: Fingerpost Publicatiouns, 1975.
The Twaa Wilsons. Larkhall: Guardian Association, 1975.
Whyles a Targe. Larkhall: Fingerpost Publicatiouns, 1975.
A Pryle o Aces. Larkhall: Fngerpost Publicatiouns, 1977.
The N.C.O.s. Larkhall: Fingerpost Publications, 1980.
Referendum. Blackford: Fingerpost Publicatiouns, 1989.
Concerning Lady Nairne and some of her verses.
Blackford: Fingerpost Publicatiouns, 1989.
The Clearances. Blackford: Fingerpost Publicatiouns, 1992.
Poems of T.S. Law. [Set of 2 audiocassettes]. Read by Tom Hubbard [et al.].
Glasgow: Scotsoun, 1998. (Now available as CDs:

Books co-edited by TSL

Homage to John MacLean. Edited by T.S. Law, Thurso Berwick.
Larkhall: John MacLean Society, 1973. This anthology of poetic tributes by diverse writers was reprinted by the Edinburgh University Student Publications Board in 1979.
The Socialist Poems of Hugh MacDiarmid. Edited by T.S. Law and Thurso Berwick.
London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1978.

TSL’s contributions to periodicals and anthologies; articles on TSL in periodicals

These are numerous, and have been well-documented in existing online library catalogues, as well as other library finding aids available either online or in printed form.

Readers are recommended to visit the Scottish Poetry Library’s webpage on T S Law at This page links to all the material that the SPL holds by T S Law, and about T S Law. The SPL mounted an exhibition of TSL’s poetry in 1987; the pamphlet catalogue of the exhibition, listing many of the appearances in magazines and anthologies, can be consulted in the Library.

TSL contributed to most Scottish literary magazines published during his mature years, and readers are advised also to consult the Scottish Poetry Index: an index to poetry and poetry-related material in Scottish literary magazines. Compiled by the Scottish Poetry Library. 9 vols. (Edinburgh: Scottish Poetry Library, 1994-2000). This printed index may be consulted in many libraries across Scotland.

The National Library of Scotland is the country’s main resource for Scottish material and as a legal deposit library holds copies of TSL’s published work as well as manuscript material. The NLS is the main depository for TSL’s manuscripts and unpublished materials.
Go to the NLS home page at; to search their catalogue.

About TSL

The above resources will of course yield full information on the secondary material, and the reader is also directed to the endnotes for the Introduction to the present work.

Tom Hubbard, ‘Reintegrated Scots: The Post-MacDiarmid Makars’, in The History of Scottish Literature: Vol. 4: 20th Century. Edited by Cairns Craig.
Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1987, pp. 179-193.

Kenneth Sadler, The Free Natioun: Nationalism in the Poetry of T S Law and Tom Scott.
University of Aberdeen, dissertation, 1994.

The Spring 2000 issue of the literary magazine Chapman carried a posthumous
selection of poems by TSL, as well as articles on the poet by Tom Hubbard and
John Law